Looking back at my 2016 Mozilla engagements

2016 has been an amazing year for open source projects. As Mozilla is one of the biggest open source foundation, people tend to involve with this organization. In 2016 from Bangladesh , a lot of events regarding Mozilla ‘s innovations and projects happened. I was one of those few lucky person to got to attend those events.

february :

  •    My first Mozilla event of  2016 was “Firefox 45.0 Beta 3 TestDay”  on 5th february. The event took place at ‘Daffodil University , Dhaka . The main purpose of the event was to test the 45 th version of Firefox Beta. We tested the features of the browser and filed bugs about the problems we found.


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march :

may :

  • In may 20 , 2016 , Mozilla QA Bangladesh , organized “ Bug Marathon , Dhaka” . The main purpose of the event was to teach the contributor of Mozilla QA Bangladesh about Bug Verification. We got to see live examples of how bug verification is done in Mozilla for Firefox browser. Then the best contributors of the community got awarded with swags and gifts.

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  •  MozillaBD2ndMidPlan  was organized to ensure the growth of Mozilla Bangladesh” as a community. The event took place on 29 july, evening in Dhaka, Bangladesh .  The reps and contributors of Mozilla Bangladesh were present there and all of them together planned for the next 6 month’s activities of the community.

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  • Mozilla QA: Bug Day, Dhaka ”  was organised by Mozilla QA Bangladesh on 25th November 2016 at Daffodil International University  , Dhaka. The participants did testing of Firefox Beta and they were also taught about “Bug Verification  ” by the mentors of the community. The contributors who did excellent job through contribution got t-shirt as gift.

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  • Mozilla Bangladesh” organized ” WebVRDhaka”  on december 10 , 2016 . In the event the participants got to learn about web pages with Virtual Reality. The presenters showed creating home page with “A-Frame” which is a project of Mozilla VR. Then the participants had the pleasure of getting live demo of VR webpages with VR Box. Then the participants were offered.

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At a glance of my contributions :

  • TestDay participation – 28 TestDay 
  • BugDay participation –  more than 23
  • Total Bug verificaiton – 123
  • Total bugs filed            – 8 (Bugzilla)
  • Total bugs filed           –  9 (Github)
  • Events                          –  15 +

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