Learn & Master Git at BRAC University Mozilla Club

Mozilla has always wanted people to learn technologies so-that they can use web for the development of themselves and the world . Mozilla has selected some useful activities to “Mozilla Campus Clubs”  so that the students can learn essential web technologies. Git is one of these such  free and open source distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency. Last Thursday (22.02.2017) BRAC University Mozilla Club organized an event on Git.

The whole event took part in the at the computer lab room 50301 .In the lab we have 40+ computers with high features in that lab.


We learnt about the basics of Git!We talked about it’s essence in open source culture.


We learnt some basic code which enables a person to use Git. We learnt how to initialize a Git repository, how  to see the current state of our project ,  adding  file to the staging area,  run the commit command with a message describing what has changed .


The participants tweeted with hashtag #brscuniverstiymozillaclub and mentioning Mozilla Campus Club , Mozilla learning , and our Regional Co Ordinator  Hossian Al Ikram .

It was a great learning curve for the students to get the vibe of Git’s importance in open source communities. We believe , after this event , the participants will be interested to learn more about Git and contribute vastly in open source projects.



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