How to create new profile in Firefox

When you  use Firefox,  all of your cookies,  bookmarks and other things  are saved  under a specific  profile. When you try to test any feature of a new Firefox and open the new  Firefox with  previous profile, the  chance of getting  accurate  testing  result is very low. That is why      we need to create  new profile  before testing  the features  of a new Firefox and  then open the new Firefox with the new profile.

Now we are going to learn how to  create new profile in Firefox :

1.  Firefox of all go to your desired  Firefox folder. (If you have zipped Firefox, then you need    to unzip it, and then go inside of the unzipped folder)


2. Then hold the shift button (of your keyboard)  and the right button of the mouse( both of   the job has to be done at the same time ).

For  Linux based  operating  systems, you  just need to  go inside Firefox folder and click the    right button of the mouse to get the pop-up.

3. Then you will be able to see a pop-up into your screen

4. There will be a lot of option there

5 (a). If you  are in  Windows  operating system and your  Windows  version  is  previous  of Windows 10 ( windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 ), you  will find an  option called  ” OPEN COMMAND WINDOW HERE ” in the  pop-up. Select that  option. A command prompt will be opened.


5(b) If  you are  in Windows 10  or more higher Windows version,  in the pop-up you will see option called “Open PowerShell window here”. Select  that option.  A command  prompt will   be opened.


5(c ). In Linux you will find option called “”OPEN IN TERMINAL”. Select that and press enter.

6(a). In low Windows versions, you need write the following code in the command prompt & press enter :

firefox -no-remote -p


6(b). In Windows 10  or  higher Windows  version or  & in Linux write the following code and press enter :

./firefox -no-remote -p


7. Now you will see another pop-up . Select “Create Profile” option.


8.  A profile wizard will come then. Select Next.


9. Then enter your desired profile name and click finish(do not press any other button).

create profile

10. Now  select the  newly created profile  with  mouse and then click “Start Firefox” or  ” Start Nightly” (which ever name comes)


Now  you just will  find a new Firefox browser opened with new profile. Which means this  Firefox has no cookies, bookmarks or junk files which will ensure accurate testing results.

Thanks for reading…….


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